Project and Communication Manager

34 years old   Resume

My colleagues describe me as a natural person, full of energy, joyful and creative. I use my relationship ability to act with method and reliability into the projects companies give to me.

As for degrees, I chose to pass a scientific high school diploma, which taught me rigor and to structure situations. Then I trained at the university in Project Management and Psychology (double degree), and later, thanks to continuous training, I specialized myself in Image, Communication and Business. Today, I continue to deepen the field of interpersonal relationships.

At the beginning of my career, I worked as an employee for 6 years to develop public, cultural and political projects. I planned many events (60% of my time organizing festivals, inaugurations…), I supported people and structures and animated networks. I also created strategies and wrote framework documents.

Because I felt more comfortable with the marketing domain, I got closer to business activity. I founded my company 5 years ago, to meet the challenges of societies from different sectors of activity.

In parallel to my career, I volunteered with associations in these themes : Animal Protection * Cycling * Festival * Business support.

My personal free time is guided by my interest in cultural expression. I like drawing and plastic arts in general, including street art. Music, live shows, immersive travels and nature moments are also part of my lifestyle.

These discoveries bring me a lot of ideas and inspiration, which feed my professional activity.